Become a Bullet and Show Off Your Orange Ribbon

Our challenge to you…

Camp Compass Academy has recently launched Two Million Bullets.  Two Million Bullets is an awareness campaign to make youth the primary focal point in conservation.  This national awareness and call-to-action effort recognizes that our youth are the most important resource in America.  We are seeking the support of those who share our twofold vision. First is the belief that our children need caring adults in their lives.  Secondly, that youth are the answer to the continuation of America’s outdoor hunting and shooting heritage.

We believe that every child, no matter what circumstances they may be in, should have the opportunity to experience positive people and activities. In fact, a Research Brief published by Child Trends confirms that youth who take part in mentoring programs have a better chance of going on to higher education. Mentoring also helps to prevent substance abuse and promotes positive social attitudes and relationships. Camp Compass Academy is proof that helping children through using outdoor traditions is an effective tool for positive impact on youth’s quality of life.

We’re not asking for a great deal-we want you and all those you know to become Bullets!  For only a $1 you can join and stand proud as a bullet.  This may seem like a small amount to you, but collectively, it will make a big difference. Especially when we have signed up our 2 millionth Bullet! We challenge you to prioritize what is really important and to stand up for the needs of America’s children.

Become a Bullet

 & Give Youth a S.H.O.T.

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